July promotes IP Awareness in Australia

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australian govtAustralia : GovHack 2015 organized during the initial week of  July this year is an annual competition that brings together geeks, digital creatives, data analysts, story tellers, entrepreneurs and civic society enthusiasts to work together. These participants work in teams for over 46 hours and explore, mash up, ideate and communicate their concepts on IP System using open Government data.

GovHack  celebrates participant’s technical and creative capacity. It throws open an opportunity and enables collaboration with governments in working towards advancing the cause of open data to drive social and economic value.

This year IP Australia was a National Agency Supporter for the first time. The participants, addressed as GovHackers were asked to develop an easy way for non-experts to access and use the Australian IP Government Data. Their task was to find out where,what and with whom does the Intellectual Property (IP) reside in  Australia.

Representatives from IP Australia attended the event and walked around the venue talking to the hackers, asking them what they were doing and seeing if they could integrate IP data in some fruitful way.

Now in its 5th Year, GovHack has grown from a small data mashup event in 2009 to a huge international competition that brings over 1800 people together to innovate, collaborate and apply their creative skills to open government data.

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