Terror trends at Ufa Modi-Shariff meet

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ufaUfa, Russia: As Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi  met his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Shariff, 26/11 terror attack buzzed as the most trending keyword at Ufa. The cordial countenance between Modi and Shariff enabled focus on bilateral interests.

Both Foreign Secretaries of the neighboring countries sounded affirmative about the long-awaited bilateral talks. While the  Indian Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar  highlighted the various points in detail, his Pakistani colleague, Foreign Secretary Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhary specifically said this – “Both leaders agreed that India and Pakistan have a collective responsibility to ensure peace and promote development in the region AND Both leaders condemned terrorism in all its forms.”

Modi and Shariff looked eye to eye and  discoraged terrorism of all sorts. They agreed to work in tandem and take strong steps towards eliminating this hugely mushroomed terror-menace, particularly  in this part of the globe.

Jaishankar said that the two Country Heads have summarized a 5-point agenda, work upon which will begin right away. Topping the agenda was a pronto meet between National Security Advisors of India and Pakistan to elaborately discuss all and sundry of Terrorism.

Border issues occupied centre stage when both countries insisted upon sorting out matters between the Border Security Forces of India (BSF) and the Paramilitary forces of Pakistan, the Pakistan Rangers. To efficiently guard, defend and secure one’s own territory, Jaishankar reiterated that early meeting have been scheduled between the Director General of BSF and  Pakistan Rangers. To take matters further, the scheduled meet between the Indo-Pak Director General Military Operations is also on the anvil.

Water disputes vis-à-vis release of Fishermen also found mention. A deadline of 15 days has been set to resolve release of men and boat from both custodial territories.

To open barriers and widen people-to-people interactions, a resolve has been initiated to further efforts in promoting warmth and safety for travelers visiting sites of religious importance. “Religious tourism will be strengthened and well-facilitated” said Jaishankar.

And, the 26/11 attack was not out of focus at all, as Prime Minister Modi insisted on streamlining effective, result-oriented speedy Mumbai case trial. Both sides agreed to discuss ways and means to expedite the Mumbai blast 26/11 attack trial by including additional evidential information like voice samples et al.

 When neighbor came calling and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif reiterated his invitation for Modi’s visit to  Pakistan for SAARC Summit in 2016, Prime Minister Modi reciprocated the bonding by accepting the invitation.

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