UK Today – FEZ opens doors for rural food revolution

Newsroom24x7 Desk

food1London: Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss addressed the first congregation of all Food Enterprise Zones (FEZ) and anticipated a major boom for new food hubs taking shape across England. Truss said that food and farming industry is an economic powerhouse worth more than £100 billion a year and employing one in eight people.

Truss said that the aim of these food hubs is to become a top destination for high-flying graduates and make food and farming business as prestigious as medicine, as fun and stimulating as the gaming industry and as cutting-edge as London’s Tech City.

Britain sees food and farming as its biggest manufacturing sector, worth more than cars and aerospace combined. It is estimated that  continual innovation in food industry will table around 16,000 new products in the market each year—more than France and Germany combined and second only to the US.

UK government is taking initiatives to open more than 600 new international markets supporting manufacturers to sell their produce worldwide, thereby strengthening the exports of UK food and drink businesses.

Plans for FEZs are well underway. These government-backed FEZs will create more jobs, support tourism and inject investment into rural communities across the country. Truss hoped that these FEZs will unleash food entrepreneurs and  bring together researchers, farmers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers so they can improve productivity and spark new ideas off each other all the way along the supply chain from farm to fork, from lab to lunch.


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