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February 24, 2018

Inside Ranthambore: What about the carrying capacity in Tiger Reserves?

Newsroom24x7 Staff

Inside Ranthambore


These pictures are from 28th June on Temple Road at Ranthambhore. This is what you call a ” Tiger Mela”. People on road, safari vehicles from all zones, forest officials at least 1000 + people surrounding a single tigress ” Noor ” whose partner is now in jail. The traffic in this so called National Park will put any metro to shame. Imagine how irritating it is, even if one person keeps staring at you … imagine thousands staring at you. Eventually these animals will get irritated and they will attack, then some expert will say.. ” The tiger has lost its fear for humans “-Nishant Chandrarao‎ CLaW – Conservation Lenses & Wildlife

Courtesy: Sanctuary Asia

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2 Responses “Inside Ranthambore: What about the carrying capacity in Tiger Reserves?”

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    Recreation? The mere presence of Humans and their trappings disturbs wild animals. Hiking, biking, and motoring are all disruptive.

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