Bobby Jindal: The man who denies his Indianness

Jamsheed Rizwani


Screenshot_2015-06-25-08-15-08-1With an ultra right desi Bush who almost denies his Indianness……We know the contribution of the warmongering Bushes with a third one now getting ready for the GOP investiture. -the US Jindals and Haleys may be success stories for their ultra right chamchas and chamchis, they will never be postive examples of Indian success stories…. on alien soil they have sprouted, and seem to have absorbed all what is rotten in that society without retaining anything good coming from ours.Remember Sir Walter Scott’s verses in the Lay of the last Minstrel”breathes there a man with soul so dead, who never to himself hath said , this is my own my native land” I’ll stop it there as I do not want to write the rest of the verses which are quite cruel.

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