On Nebraska abolishing the death penalty

Jamsheed Rizwani


lethal injection chamberYet another US state joins the civilized world by banning the death sentence… This is something? quite something coming from a state reputed to be very conservative……My respects to the legislators and the people of Nebraska…. who defied public opinion and their seats in the legislature to vote against the death sentence.

The world is currently in the midst of a maelstrom, we have conservatives who favor progressive laws and the so called progressive ones who turn conservative …….

But good common sense and respect for human life has prevailed….. in Nebraska..Governor Pete Ricketts was defeated in his effort to veto their vote to repeal the death penalty and the lawmakers have succeeded in abolishing the death sentence. Let us hope that this positive step will find other states moving forward and abolishing this punishment of another age which strikes mainly the minorities. The number of executed persons who were subsequently found innocent is evidence enough that some judgements were racist in nature……Iran, Saudi Arablia,, Indonesia, North Korea share the pride of place with the US as the countries which apply the most number of death sentences……india maintains the death sentence…… which it applies. Honour to those prosecutors who do not favor the death sentence in their pleadings before the tribunals in India……. In India, I must say that encounter killings are on the rise and a type of primitive parallel justice seems to have set in , with law and order forces killing suspects on the run… and trying to pass off these as killings in self-defence.This must stop……

The death sentence is not a deterrent and has never been sufficiently so throughout history… Crime and violent crime still occur in those countries and will still continue to do. Ever since Cain killed Abel, humanity has inherited the curse of violence and murder….. There is no deterrent which can prevent violent crime….. Society has to invest in education, and other methods of prevention…. right from an early age……and have properly trained law enforcement forces who are respectful of the people they are supposed to protect.

Human life is too precious…. no man, and no state has the right to take the life of a human being.

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