Continuous reliance on hand pumps has led to depletion of groundwater in Madhya Pradesh

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hand pumpBhopal: Continuous use of hand pumps for years together has led to depletion of groundwater in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan pointed this out on Saturday. He emphasised that the surface water supply system is the only alternative for the future.

Chouhan was reviewing the drinking water supply situation in urban and rural areas of Madhya Pradesh in the state capital. He asked state officers to be ready with a comprehensive action plan for surface drinking water supply system by the end of 2016.

The Chief Minister asked the authorities concerned to be ready with emergency plans for water supply in every city and village. He said that by end of this year all cities and villages must have drinking water plans so that every family has access to drinking water.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister launched a rural drinking water monitoring system for redressal of complaints regarding hand pumps.

Under the new system for lodging complaints Complainants, people can send SMS on 7389939899 typing phed <space> hand pump code <space> complaint type and the status of the complaint will be provided to the complainant through SMS.

Mobile APP

In addition to SMS based complaint redressal system, a mobile application Madhya Pradesh Jal also can be downloaded.

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  1. ~ Must look at other means of tapping drinking water, other than the groundwater, There is a technology that picks up water from the ambient moisture and stored in overhead tanks which can take care of cluster housing or small villages, another one is by installing a network of Nets in higher ground, hills etc and the capillary system feeds a reservoir, which is channelized to the houses through gravity. Not much potable water left on this planet, it’s less than 2% for human consumption and we must conserve the groundwater through constant recharging methods. The Government has to prioritize these issue to meet the requirement of the ever increasing population in India.


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