2 criminals spending lavishly on common girlfriend arrested

Newsroom24x7 Staff

delhi police4New Delhi: South-West District Police this weekend nabbed a dreaded gangster Satbir, alias Satte alas Nasim along with an active juvenile associate after a hot chase in the Chawla police station area in South-West Delhi.

The notorious criminal was moving in a robbed Toyota ETIOS car from Gurgaon looking for his prey in the Dwarka and Chawla area on late Friday evening. The criminals were noticed by the police when Satbir tried to create terror by wiping out a pistol. At that time, the South-West District police was doing a surprise checking. Immediately, the police team team swung into action, encircled the gangsters and pinned them down.

Satbir and his associate were among the most wanted robbers-Car jackers-burglars active in Delhi and NCR and had created a sense of terror in South-West Delhi particularly the up-coming Dwarka area and Gurgaon. Both are school drop-outs addicted to lavish life style and have a common girl friend. During interrogation, they told the police that they were spending their entire loot money on their girl friend and her lavish life style.

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