Extortionists were demanding Rs. 10,00,000, one arrested

Complainant’s house in Bihar was set ablaze

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delhi police4New Delhi: With the arrest of Ali Hassan, a resident of Tariyani Chappra village in Sheohar district of Bihar, the Special Staff of Delhi Police – East District and officials of Gandhi Nagar Police station in Delhi have together solved an extortion case.

The extortionists were demanding Rs. 10,00,000 from a Gandhi Nagar garments businessman and threatening him that his parents at Sheohar in Bihar would be harmed physically if he failed to pay them the amount.

On December 23, 2014 a complaint was received at the Gandhi Nagar Police station (East District) from Lal Mohammad, who runs a readymade garments shop at Gandhi Nagar. He said in his complaint that on December 22, he had received a phone call on his mobile phone from an unknown caller saying that his mother was stabbed in the hands and his neice was also kidnapped by them wrongly as his son Rustam was actually supposed to be kidnapped. Therefore his neice was set free.They further told him that his parents and his family members will be killed if he failed to pay Rs. 10,00,000. The Police immediately police swung into action and registered an FIR (No. 1003/14) under section 384 IPC and took up the investigation. Later when the complainant did not respond to further calls, the extortionist set the complainant’s house in Bihar on fire.

Taking into account the gravity of the case, the Special Staff of East District was assigned the task to nab the extortionists. A team comprising sub inspectors Vinay Yadav, Sumit Malik, Arun Sindhu, KK Sharma, Kulbir, head constables Kavinder (I.O), Bijender, PraveenKumar, Deep Chand, Manoj, constables Praveen, Shyam Singh, Pawan, Ravinder Bhati, and Omdutt under the close supervision of Inspectgor Manoj Pant in-charge Spl. Staff East and Inspector Sanjeev Solanki SHO/Gandhi Nagar under overall supervision of Y.K. Tyagi ACP/OPS/East was constituted and investigation was taken up. During the course of investigation, the team of special staff found that the calls were made from various PCO’s of Gandhi Nagar and Old Delhi. Later on from the first week of January the extortion calls suddenly stopped.
The complainant again turned up in last week of April and reported that he has again started getting extortion threats and the extortionist was no demanding Rs. 100,000 for repair of a mosque. On interrogation he saod that on January 4, he had paid Rs 300,000 to the extortionists out of fear and did not tell the police. During investigation it came to the knowledge of the Police that now the calls were made from Bapunagar in Gujarat. A team of Special Staff was sent to Ahmedabad but the accusedpersons/extortionists fled away and the main accused Ali Hassan reached Delhi. Later, raids were conducted and Ali Hassan was arrested on on Friday (may 8, 2015). Efforts are being made to apprehend remaining two accuseds – Alam and Dilshad.

On sustained interrogation Ali Hassan told the Police that he works as a labourer in a Garment factory at Bapunagar in Gujarat. He told that in December he was in Bihar where he met Alam, who happened to be a neighbor of Lal Mohammad and informed him that Lal Mohammad has made a lot of money from his garments’ factory and he is also a chickenhearted person. If Lal Mohammad is put in fear a large amount could be extorted from him. he also told him that his parents were residing in a village and the family of Lal Mohammad doesn’t know him. And as per plan Ali Hassan along with one of his friends Dilshad alias Siddu threatened Lal Mohammad’s mother and also stabbed her in the hands. They also kidnapped a niece of Lal Mohammad. Later, they called Lal Mohammad on his cell phone and gave extortion threats from Public all offices (PCOs) in Delhi. Due to fear Lal Mohammad paid them Rs 300,000 as extortion money. After a gap of few months they again started giving extortion threats to Lal Mohammad considering him an easy prey. Recently in April they also burnt his ancestral house in Bihar to terrorise him.

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