Murder conspiracy: Senior Haryana Cadre IAS officer Sanjeev Kumar arrested

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New Delhi: Senior IAS officer of Haryana cadre Sanjeev Kumar has been arrested on the charge of hatching a criminal conspiracy with dreaded gangster Shaukat Pasha lodged in Tihar jail and undergoing life imprisonment to kill his close friend Tikka Hassan Mustafa and get himself injured by hired contract killer to implicate the family of ex-chief minister of Haryana Om Prakash Chautala

  • Sanjeev Kumar is an IAS officer of 1985 batch
  • He is convicted in JBT scam in haryana along with former chief minister Chautala and 55 others
  • Two sharp shooters – Taufiq and Mannan, alias monu, alias Murtaza of Shaukat Pasha gang also arrested
  • On country-made pistol and 4 live cartridges recovered from the accused

The Eastern Range, Crime Branch of Delhi police had received information from a reliable source  that one SanjeevKumar had hatched a criminal conspiracy to murder someone and get himself injured in the attack.

The Police was told that SanjeevKumar had befriended one Shaukat Pasha, a dreaded gangster undergoing life imprisonment and lodged in Tihar Jail, They became friends when Sanjeev Kumar was also in jail.

On behest of Sanjeev Kumar, Shaukat Pasha hired contract killers – Asad Pasha (nephew of Shaukat Pasha), Aftab, Mannan alias Monu alias Murtaza, Taufiq and Irshad to execute the “Supari Kiling” (contract killing).

Acting on the tipoff, a team led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Dinesh Kumar Gupta and comprising of ACP Sukhwinder Singh, Inspectors Vivek Tyagi, and Vinay Tyagi, Sub-Inspectors Dinesh Kumar, Raj Kumar, Ajay Giri, HCs Chander Prakash, Naresh Pal, Upender, Raj Kumar, Sudhir, Pramod, Amit, Devender, Sanjeev, Rajeev Kumar, and Ravinder, Constables Mohd. Javed, Yashveer Singh, Shashikant, Shyam Lal and Babu Ram was constituted under the supervision of Additional Commissioner of POlice Ashok Chand, to nab the conspirator and the contract killers. The team laid several traps as it worked to identify the contract killers and conspirators. Finally, the team succeeded in apprehending the alleged criminals.

Initially, the contract killer Mohd. Taufiq was apprehended. Information was received that he would come near I.T. Gate Nizamuddin to meet his associates. The team acted swiftly and took their position at the place of information and apprehended him. On his personal search, one loaded country-made pistol (315 bore) and 04 live cartridges along with a TSR were recovered. The accused Mohd. Taufiq was put under sustained interrogation and he disclosed that gangster Shaukat Pasha, who is undergoing life sentence in Tihar Jail conveyed a message to him and his associates Asad and Aftab, to commit a murder and cause minor injuryto one Sanjeev Kumar, IAS, as Shaukat Pasha was hired for this task by none other than Sanjeev Kumar himself. A case under section 25 of the Arms Act read with 120-B IPC was registered by the Crime Branch and investigation was taken up.

Taufiq was interrogated thoroughly to unearth the conspiracy. Upon sustained interrogation he confessed that gangster Shaukat Pasha took the contract from Sanjeev Kumar, IAS to murder his friend Tikka Hassan Mustafa and also injure him in this incident. On the behest of Shaukat Pasha and his other associates Aftab, Asad, Mannan and Irshad, he arranged a weapon to execute the task. They had met Sanjeev Kumar on several occasions to finalize the conspiracy and they were constantly in touch with Shaukat Pasha also through a mobile phone being used by him in jail.

On the basis of these inputs, Sanjeev Kumar was apprehended in this case from New Friends Colony here and was subjected to sustained interrogation. He did not cooperate with the police and initially refused to divulge the identity of the target. Later on sustained interrogation, he buckled and disclosed the target’s identity as his close friend and associate Tikka Hassan Mustafa. He also confessed that he had connived with Shaukat Pasha to get himself injured during the shootout. The plan was to put entire blame of this incident on the Chautala family, with whom he had estranged relations as he claimed to be a whistleblower. He was in continuous touch with all these conspirators and had also arranged the weapons etc. to execute their plan and had met the contract killers several times to execute the plan.

Subsequently,another gangster-sharp shooter of this gang Mannan , alias Monu, alias Murtaza was also arrested, who also corroborated the version of the accused Taufiq.

The gang leader Shaukat Pasha was also arrested from Tihar Jail after obtaining production warrant against him by Court. During his interrogation, he re-confirmed the whole conspiracy and the fact that he had been hired for committing the murder of Sanjeev’s friend Tikka Hassan Mustafa, a friend of Sanjeev Kumar and inflicting injuries on Sanjeev during the shootout by the hired criminals to implicate the ex-Chief Minister of Haryana and his family.


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