World’s biggest solar power project to come up in Madhya Pradesh

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Screenshot_2015-04-29-09-48-39-1Newsroom24x7 Desk

Bhopal:A cabinet meeting chaired by Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Singh Chouhan on Tuesday gave clearance for setting up the world’s biggest 750 MW solar power plant in the state.

The solar power  plant will be set up in Gurh tahasil of Rewa district in eastern part of the central Indian State. It has been decided to form a joint company to establish this ultra mega solar plant.

World Bank will provide loan for the project and under the government policy, New & Renewable Energy Department will permit use of revenue land for the project. The Power Grid Corporation will provide grid linkage and transmission lines  for power to be generated by this project.

Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company will purchase 40 percent of the power generated by this project



  1. Hope now Madhya Pradesh be relieved frm the major power crisis its facing since copious time back, and finally get a considerate solution out of it.


  2. Solar energy will take over of all energy crisis. India is growing solar at very fast rate. If all goes well we will be seeing solar energy as the backbone of India in next decade.


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