Earthquake Nepal: Indian Army takes up major rescue and relief operation

Army Operation Maitri (Update at 5 Pm on 27 Apr)

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earthquake Nepal-Indian Army
earthquake Nepal-Indian Army

New Delhi: Under “Operation Maitri” – the ongoing rescue and relief operations of Indian Army (IA) being undertaken keeping in focus the priorities underscored by Nepal Army, a Task Force(TF) Headquarters has been established in Kathmandu under Maj Gen Sandhu of IA. Another TF has been set up at Barpak under Brig Gamlin of IA, today.

Road from Kathmandu to Pokhara has been opened up by Engineer Task Force yesterday. Satellite communication link between Nepalese Army Head Quarters and Indian Army Engineer Task Force has been established. In addition, a Movement Control Team has been set up in Kathmandu to direct relief convoys to affected areas.

earthquake Nepal2Following stores have been or are being inducted:

(a) 4 ALH and 2 Cheetah helicopters are under induction at Pokhara where a Helicopter Base is being established.

(b) The process was on today to complete the induction of 18 Medical Teams (3 Field Hospitals) has been completed. One Field Hospital has been deployed at Rajdalgarh near Lalitpur with 1 Orthopedic specialist, 1 Surgical Specialist and 1 Anesthetist, along with attached medical staff. Additional doctors have been tasked to cover an area stretching over a radius of 80 Km radius around the base through two Mobile Medical Teams.

(c) One Engineer Task Force (ETF) has been inducted on April 26, comprising 40 personnel. 5 Earth Moving Equipment (Engineer Plant) and Generators.

(d) 1400 Blankets and 40 Tents were brought yesterday and 5000 blankets and 500 tents were being brought for distribution in the affected area today by road.

(e) 10 INMARSAT (Satellite Phones) were brought as part of rescue and relief material yesterday and  5 High Frequency communication detachments for direct communication has been inducted today.

(f) Electrical Damage Assessment Team was pressed into operation today.

The Pension Office at Pokhara is now functioning as a Multi-national Coordination Centre. Helicopters are being employed to evacuate people from inaccessible areas and adhoc helipads are being constructed at remote and inaccessible areas. 203 civilians have been evacuated to safe areas and 47 civilians evacuated to hospitals in joint effort with NDRF & IAF.

The Indian Army expedition team located at Everest Base Camp continues to assist in evacuation and rendering medical aid to the needy.

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