Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan asks bureaucrats to remain sensitive towards the public

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Civil Service Day functionBhopal: Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh in central India Shivraj Singh Chouhan has conveyed the stern message to the bureaucracy and asked the public servants to work with a deep sense of responsibility towards the people.

The chief minister was addressing the Civil Service day function in the State capital on Monday. He told the government officials that they should be sensitive towards the public. Delaying decisions in matters of public interest is just like committing a crime, Chouhan said adding official decisions should be taken with noble intentions. Harnessing talent in the public interest is a public service of higher degree, he said.

The chief Minister went on to emphasise that public servants can bring about change by using their administrative skills, talent and innovative ideas. He said that the entire country is talking of the big strides Madhya Pradesh has taken on the development front and a large part of the credit for this goes to the official machinery.

Minister of State for General Administration Lal Singh Arya, on this occasion, gave credit to the civil servants for helping the State shed its BIMARU status (BIMARU means sick in Hindi and it is also the acronym for the Hindi heartland states – Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh – States that have symbolised backwardness) and turning it around to make it fastest developing state in the country.

State Chief Secretary Anthony de Sa talked about the objectives of observing Civil Service Day. Director General of Police Surendra Sinh, and Director General of Noronha Academy of Administration Indranil Shankar Dani, were prominent among those present.

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