Rahul Gandhi lashes out at ‘Suit-Boot Sarkar’ in Lok Sabha

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Rahul GandhiNew Delhi: Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi on Monday launched a frontal attack on the Narendra Modi-led NDA government in Lok Sabha by describing it as a ‘Suit-Boot Sarkar’ and accusing it of being ‘pro-corporate and anti-farmer’.

Addressing the Lok Sabha on the first day of the reconvened Budget session, the Congress vice president said on his return from a two-month sabbatical that the government was “ignoring” the farming community and favouring the industrialists and rich people, which was a “blunder” as the farmers will ‘harm” BJP in future.

Today, The government tabled the controversial land ordinance in the Lok Sabha amid loud protests from the Opposition.

In his speech, Gandhi said “The acche din government has failed the country” on the issue of farmers, he said while participating in a short duration discussion on ‘The agrarian situation in the country’.“Yours is a government of big people, of the rich. Yours is a Suit-Boot Sarkar,” said Congress Vice President in Lok Sabha.

Gandhi said: “The ‘Acche Din’ government, they call themselves, has failed the country.”
Attacking the government, Rahul Gandhi said, “On one hand you are weakening the farmer. Then, when he is weak you will strike him down with the axe of your Land Ordinance.”

“The farmers are India’s backbone. The farmers gave us Green Revolution, because he was provided with the idea of MSP,”said Gandhi. “Everything has been built on the foundations laid down by India’s farmers,”he added.

Congress Vice President said, “You are making a big mistake by hurting the farmers and the poor. They are the most powerful, and not the big businessmen in their fancy cars.”
“The PM understands political calculations. 67% of the population depends on Agriculture…Why is he angering this vast chunk?”, Gandhi asked.

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