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JNU alumni welcome appointment of Sitaram Yechury as CPI(M) General Secretary

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Sitaram Yechury's photo courtesy: Chandra Prakash Jha

Sitaram Yechury’s photo courtesy: Chandra Prakash Jha

Senior Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader Sitaram Yechury, whom friends call Sita, was today elected unanimously as the party General Secretary.

Soon after Prakash Karat, the outgoing CPI(M) General Secretary, announced Yechury’s appointment at the Visakhapatnam Central Committee meeting of the party, the new General Secretary expressed optimism that the party would regain the lost ground in West Bengal in the next elections.

A section of Jawaharlal Nehru University alumni – those who were Yechury’s contemporary in JNU – have welcomed his appointment as CPI(M) general Secretary and also underscored the challenges that lie ahead of him on the social media.

Newsroom24x7 presents views expressed on social media by those who have known Yechury from the JNU Students’ Union days:

Jamsheed Rizwani: Congratulations to Sita…I do carry good memories of him from my JNUSU days. May he succeed in weeding out obsolete ideas, and partisan activity and operate the necessary changes in his party…May he succeed in bringing about the unity of the left parties to form a credible alternative of governance in the Centre and in the states to the right and ultra-right…Immediately after consecutive three terms of Prakash Karat, yet another former JNUSU Pesident – Sitaram Yechury takes over leadership of the CPM. Congratulations , but no celebrations till he meets challenging expectations from JNU and beyond. He inherits the chaotic situation of the left in Indian politics. He has the capacity to bring people together….let’s hope he succeeds in bringing a credible governing alternative with other left organizations…That is the real challenge.

Achal Kumar Malhotra: Congratulations…The most familiar and lovable face of CPI( M); the challenges are manifold: first to restore the credibility of the Party and together with that the relevance of the left as a balancing force in securing the interests of common man in India !

Ish Mishra: CPI(M) went down to unexpected depth under one JNU ex president, lets see where does another one takes it.

Jayaraj Chinnasamy: It is more important that Sitaram unites the Left, democratic and liberal forces for the defence and preservation of the secularism. Defending democracy is defending secularism at this juncture. There cannot be bigger call than this for any Marxist worth his salt.

Chandra Prakash Jha: He is arguably the “PERFECT FIT ” ( a phrase used by N Ram of The Hindu, after Prakash Karat became the Party General Secretary) to help cobble together a functional political front in our crumbling parliamentary democracy – of all those who are left out of the current ruling dispensation.


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