Congress is eye ball to eye ball with ruling BJP on Land Acquisition

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land acquisitionNew Delhi: On returning from his 56-day vacation, which has been described by Congress managers as a sabbatical (at a destination that remains a mystery), Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi will make his first big public appearance at a Kisan (farmers’) Rally at Ramlila Maidan here today.

The Congress party is holding the Kisan Rally to pin down the Narenda Modi led Central Government on the contentious Land Acquisition issue. After today’s Kisan rally, people can hope to see Rahul Gandhi in a new avatar. Today’s rally is being seen as a prelude to a total shakeup within the Congress and Rahul’s coronation as party president in the coming days.

After the Land Acquisition Bill was cleared by Lok Sabha earlier in March this year, the Rajya Sabha, where the ruling side lacked a majority, was prorogued and the Land Acquisition Ordinance was re-promulgated with amendments approved by the Lok Sabha. The Congress party has challenged the constitutional validity of the Ordinance and also dubbed the Land Acquisition Bill as anti-farmer.

Prime Minister Modi, finding the ruling side battered by Congress punches that are loaded with the charge that the BJP led Central Government is working against the interests of the farmers, has decided to counter the Congress onslaught by goading the ruling BJP MPs to fan out in their constituencies and to open a one-on-one dialogue with the people to keep them informed about the welfare and pro-poor initiatives of the Government. To meet this objective, Modi began addressing BJP MPs at a special workshop here this morning. Addressing the BJP MPs, Modi reiterated his Government’s commitment to the poor and took the Congress head on on the Land Acquisition Bill. He told party MPs to have faith in the people.Will I be committing a crime, if I say that  the previous governments have failed to provide shelter to all, he went on to observe. Reflecting on his just concluded 3-nation tour, he said, France has agreed to give us reactor technology. France will join hands to build a nuclear reactor in India, he said adding that will lave a far reaching positive impact vis-a-vis country’s progress and development. This could not be communicated properly, the Prime Minister said emphasising this is a huge step forward. Canada has also decided to provide us uranium for five years and this has been possible due to our enhanced credibility in the global arena. Regardng space and atomic energy sector, he went on to underscore that this is the first time that we are entering the next level of development due to bilateral agreements with a long term perspective. He also had a huge word of praise for External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Minister of State for Overseas Indian Affairs General V.K. Singh for successfully completing the massive evacuation of the stranded citizens from Yemen

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