Delhi police busts international gang of cheats

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delhi police4New Delhi: Delhi Police has busted a gang of international cheats with the arrest of two, including a Nigerian citizen.

The gang had duped an Arunachal Pradesh doctor of INR 30,00,000 by promising him huge profit in a herbal seeds deal.

The gang contacted the doctor by opening a fictitious facebook account in the name of a girl from UK.

The Delhi crime branch received a complaint of cheating to the tune of INR 30,00,000 from Dr. Raja Dodum of Arunachal Pradesh. He alleged that a girl posing as Bianca Hernandez from United Kingdom sent him a friendship request on Facebook which was accepted by him. During chatting, she introduced herself as an employee of a Pharmacy Company of UK named ASTRAZENECA. She told him hat she had earlier visited India on business purposes to buy a herbal seeds with the brand name ‘PAKAYOKO NATURAL’. She had bought these seeds from a Delhi based vendor Ms Durga Luxmi for INR 60,000/- per 10 gm (one sachet) and earned a huge profit by supplying this product to her company for $2,250 (INR. 130,000) per sachet. Then she told him that a huge demand of 300 sachets of such seeds is expected from her company and sought help for buying the herbal seeds from Durga Luxmi at the rate of INR 60,000 per sachet. She also told him that the seeds will have to be handed over to the purchase manager of her company for INR 1,30,000 per sachet during his proposed visit to India. She provided him the phone number of Durga Luxmi and allured him to purchase the seeds for her by assuring handsome share from the profit to be made, on her visit to India in the first week of May 2015.

Dr. Raja Dodum came to Delhi on April 4, 2015 evening by flight and contacted Durga Luxmi and met her near Priya Cinema Complex in the Vasant Vihar area. He bought 4 sachets as samples by paying INR 60,000 per sachet for showing them to the Purchase Manager Edward Spicy as per the instructions of Bianca Hernandez.

On April 5, Dr. Dodum met Edward Spicy at Hotel JW Marriot near IGI airport who told him that he will pay money only after receiving 300 sachets and showed him a bag full of US dollars. Next day, the complainant contacted Durga Luxmi and asked to supply the herbal seeds and reached Priya Cinema Complex and purchased 50 sachets after paying her INR 21,00,000 in cash. When he called Spicy for delivery of the herbal seeds, he told him that a Customs official has caught him while exchanging currency for possessing large amount of foreign currency. The complainant immediately apprised Bianca about the incident. She told him that it was a mistake of Spicy but he need not worry, as her company Director is already taking necessary action to save Edward Spicy. After a few hours, Bianca provided him an SBI bank account number and telling him that the account belonged to a Police officer asked him to deposit Rs. 6,80,000/- into this account as bribe for release of Spicy. On April 8, he deposited the amount in the account number given to him but later realized that he had actually been duped under a well hatched conspiracy.

The Crime Branch took into account the involvement of some organized gang in the fraud and a team led by DCP Dinesh Kumar Gupta and comprisingof ACP Sushil Kumar Singh, Insp. Rakesh Dixit, SI Sandeep Verma, ASI Jagdish, HCs Davender, Santosh, Kushal Pal, Sanjeev, Puran Chand, Ct. Mohd. Talim and W/Ct.Pooja was constituted under the supervision of Addl.CP Ashok Chand to nab the culprits.

During the course of enquiry,the complainant was requested to accompany the raiding party to identify the culprits.A trap was laid at main road opposite Priya Cinema, Vasant Vihar and when Dr. Dodum spotted and pointed towards a woman, she was apprehended. This woman was identified as Anita (40), resident of Hauz Rani, Malviya Nagar, Delhi. She had impersonated as Durga Luxmi. INR 500,000 was recovered from her. During interrogation, it was revealed that she is member of an international gang of cheats. On April 11, another accused Emmanue Chika (28 years) of Adesuyi Adelaja, Okokomaiko Lagos, Nigeria, was arrested from Saket on the basis of information provided by Anita alias Durga Luxmi. This person had impersonated as purchase manager Edward Spicy.
Dehi Police has issued a general caution stating that some African nationals are running different cheating rackets by contacting Indian people on Facebook and using fake identity and posing themselves as British nationals. They lure victims in different ways after becoming their Facebook friend as they have duped the complainant. These gangs have engaged some Indian men and women to make calls to the victims by posing as business partners or custom agents to gain the confidence of those they target.

During interrogation, it was revealed that two Nigerian nationals – Pastor Zackaria and Ms. Blessing are running this racket from different parts of India apart from Delhi. After acceptance of friendship request on Facebook by the potential victim, they were introducing themselves as British nationals and cheating them in different ways. Ms. Blessing was posing herself as Bianca Hernandez and introducing Pastor Zackaria as Edward Spicy, the purchase manager of pharmaceutical company based in United Kingdom.

Some other victims of their fraud in other parts of India have also been identified.

Anita is a single parent, living with her 18 year old son. She belongs to low middle class family and has studied up to the 12th standard. She has no source of regular income and had met these racketeers in a church. Due to her poor financial condition, she agreed to join them and started acting on the behest of these cheats to make easy money.

Emmanue Chika is a Nigerian national and belongs to a medium class family. His father is a retired government officer and he has studied upto secondary school. After completing secondary education in 2006-2007, he started a garment business in Lagos. When a Nigerian advised him to bring garments from India, he came to Mumbai in January 2013 on a Business visa. In February 2013, his passport was stolen from his house in Mumbai. He frequently visited Delhi,Tripura and Mumbai and sent several consignments of garments to Nigeria. Since November 2014, he was staying at Sector 19 at Dwarka here. He met Pastor Zackaria, Blessing and Anita in a church.

15 thoughts on “Delhi police busts international gang of cheats”

  1. truly some foreign national are doing this tarde in a organised way and cheating people. people should avoid their conspiracy to be looted by these people


  2. Very true from a couple of days I am also getting mails from one Dupe Sarah Chad from UK. Regarding procuring of UDI natural seed, I know for sure its the same gang. Please be aware and don’t get into there trap in the want for huge profits.


  3. I got similar message from somebody introducing herself as a British girl.
    She sent me message thru facebook messenger.
    She informed me that her company will purchase “Virginia seeds” @ $5000 while it is available in India @ $2500.
    She offered me share of this difference.


  4. Yes, it is very true. I also got a similar offer from a pharmacy company in USA,Michigan and the girls name is Lakshmi Rao. Since I had been in the export import field for a long time, cash deals are not permitted and insisted her to either send the money through bank in advance or open a letter of credit. she and and her boss refused to follow my request and promised to deliver the seed (BYANILLE) and collect the money from her representative coming to India for this purpose only. As per her advice, I contacted the seed supplier M/S.Shukla farms in Lattur Maharastra, and he also insisted to send him money in advance and wait for two days to take delivery of the seeds as it require processing. That means, he will take the money and may or may not deliver this seed (God only knows what is this Byanilly seeds costing 3.5 lakhs rupees per 400 gm packets!) and finally the purchaser can refuse buying it telling the seeds are sub standard. This is a trap created with some so called farms in INDIA, and people of Indian origin in foreign countries. This Lakshmi Rao is from Delhi and later I understood that she contacted many other people in India for this activities, posting some beautiful photographs in face book as her profile. Beware!


  5. Please find the mail below which i have received, thanks for alerting.

    Dear Friend,

    Thanks for your prompt response.

    All i need is your trust in this transaction, i will present you to the company as the local dealer of this seed and i will use my position within the company to influence the procurement department to ensure that supply contract is awarded in your favor.

    The material name is Avaseyana natural seeds, is the major active herbs used in manufacturing of vaccine, antiviral drugs, You will buy this products from the local farmer at the rate of $651/- 42,000 INR per 15gm sachet of the material and supply to my company at the rate of $1280/- per 15gm sachet of the materials respectively.

    Name: Avaseyana natural seeds
    Each 15gm sachet cost $651
    Supply rate: 15gm -/ $1280
    Required Quantity : 500 Sachets

    Terms and condition:
    50% Advance payment: After verification of samples
    50% Balance payment: Upon verification and confirmation of the total valued order ( that’s before taking delivery of the total quantity)
    Mode of payment: Bank Transfer/cash
    Delivery Period: 7 working days
    Delivery Status: Free On Board

    To substantiate my claim you are the dealer of these natural seeds, You must have the financial capability to purchase and present enough sachets of Avaseyana Natural Seeds as samples to the company’s representative for approval. After approval of samples, you will signing 3 years supply agreement and receive 50% advance payment.

    As i said before there is no risk involved, the seeds are non narcotics herbal seeds, so is not prohibited anywhere in the world, with or without export license you can handle the business. Transporting the seeds to London is none of your responsibility as the purchase officer will take them along while returning back.

    If you are interested, kindly reconfirm your contact details,

    Your full name:
    Company name ( If any):
    Phone number/s :

    What will be the percentage sharing of the net profit between us?

    Upon the receipt of the above information, i shall give you the contact details of the local farmer in India where you will get the exact specification of materials and i will also send a recommendation along with your contact information to my company’s procurement department to enable them contact you for negotiation.

    Anticipating your response.

    Dr. Peter James
    Phone: +1-351-205-0050
    Whatsapp: +1-646-457-4075
    640 Memorial Drive Cambridge, MA 02139, USA


  6. I recieved similar request from Alinin Sellot Kary claiming the same thing , I was repeatedly asking her to give the name & medicinal uses of that seed she was all the time repeating that you will get 50:50 share . From the langauge & the spellings I could guess that she/ he is not .English & some chet is talking with me . I threatened to her that I will launch police complaint . She immediately blocked me from her facebook account . So friends be aware of such fraud . I was checking the info on my laptop while I was chatting I found this article. . Take care. Shriram


  7. Dear sir,
    I have been cheated Rs.. 1,70,000/ by similar group on 10.11.2018 . I am a retired person. I was persuaded to deposit this amount in IndusInd bank. Rs. 1,00,000 / and get NYABAN nuts. After receiving nuts. I again deposited Rs. 70,000/

    Honestly I was doing as per they said.

    Bank detail was provided by them. This is a matter of 4 days.

    I donot know where to go & whom to approach.

    I want help from police. expecting to get back my retirement money.

    The nuts I received are wild nuts for which I paid a fat amount expecting that will give back higher return.

    Please help or guide how to seek help from police.

    I stay in Mumbai.



  8. Bank details. Where I deposited money. Rs. 1,70,000/

    A/C NO-10005928175
    IFSC – INDB0000008.


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