Situation in Yemen is catastrophic, US looks forward to political dialogue

Newsroom24x7 Desk

The humanitarian situation across the country is “very difficult”. – Marie Claire, International Committee of the Red Cross in Yemen Feghal

YemenWashington DC: The US has reiterated support to the Saudi-led coalition in response to the “unilateral aggressive action” of the Houthis and asserted that Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi remains the legitimate President of Yemen

The reiteration from the Us vis-a-vis the volatile situation in Yemen came from the Acting Spokesperson of the US department of State Marie Harf at her daily press briefing on Tuesday. stating “we think it is possible” she went on to observe that the path forward needs to be a return to political dialogue.

Pointing that this is a challenge “at the moment”, Ms. Harf said: “we hope that this will happen soon.”

The death count continued to rise as reports last came in late Tuesday from  Yemen where loyalist forces backed by the Saudis were locked in a fierce battle with the Houthi rebels on Aden steets. According to the Red Cross, the situation in Yemen has become “catastrohic”.


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