Indian civil Aviation Minister lays stress on foolproof safety for flyers and aircrafts

Newsroom24x7 Desk

civilaviationNew Delhi: Indian Minister of Civil Aviation P. Ashok Gajapathi Raju has asserted that internal and external security angles have to be addressed to achieve a foolproof safety for flyers and aircrafts.

The Indian Civil Aviation Minister’s emphasis on foolproof safety of flyers and aircrafts comes at a time when the Directorate General of Civil Aviation is going through the process of investigating complaints about poor training to pilots and violation of Civil Aviation Requirements (CAR). There have been a number of complaints in the recent past against domestic carriers for fudging records of commercial pilots when it came to ensuring they went through the mandatory conduct of simulator training. Newsroom24x7 is also having information that a commander flying passengers in a particular airline is even accused of reckless driving and crushing to death two brothers on a motorcycle in Kerala earlier in 2014 and is facing prosecution in this case. There is also information, at least in the case of one Airline which has been facing embarrassment after it had surfaced that there was corruption and merit was given a go-bye in the recruitment of pilots.

Speaking at the 28th anniversary function of the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) here on Tuesday, Raju Lauded the role the Bureau was playing in strengthening the impression that Indian sky is a relatively safe space and went on to emphasise that security measures should not obstruct economic activities as growth in civil aviation sector has a direct impact on the economic growth of the country. The vision of security should be based on thinking one step ahead of the criminal mind, he added. He also underscored the urgent need to link all unconnected areas of the country.

Minister of State for Civil Aviation Mahesh Sharma said on this occasion that BCAS should upgrade security so that it complies with international standards and said that the the concerned agencies should be prepared to face any eventuality at airports.

Talking of the constraints being faced by BCAS, Secretary Civil Aviation V. Somasundaran said the Ministry is in the process of moving a proposal to increase the manpower of the organization as the number of airports has gone up and there has been phenomenal growth in air traffic.

In the year 2014, BCAS carried out 166 audits and inspections, 75 anti hijack mock exercises and 333 surprise checks. It also arranged for Aviation Security (AVSEC) training of 24,803 persons. Its training centre has won ICAO accreditation making it the AVSEC training hub for South Asia. Recently, all national documents have been revised and brought in line with the latest regulations of International Civil Aviation Organization( ICAO).

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