The death of a teenage girl who was molested and thrown out of a running bus

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Chandigarh: The death of a tenage girl, who was molested along with her mother and pushed out of a running bus owned by a company owned by Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, forced the state police to swing into action and four persons, including the bus driver, conductor and helper were arrested on Friday.

The young 13 year old victim was travelling with her mother and brother (15) from Moga to Bathinda when they were reportedly molested and thrown out of the bus after they resisted the molesters. The mother-daughter duo suffered head injury and were rushed to the Moga civil hospital where the doctors declared the girl as brought dead.

According to the young victim’s brother, he jumped from the bus after his mother and sister, who were occupying the rear seats, were pushed out of the running bus. He said that both his mother and sister had cried for help but none of the passengers – men or women – bothered to respond. Seeing his sister lying listless and unconscious on the road, he took help from a passerby and called his father using his mobile phone

The Punjab Chief Minister confirmed that the bus belonged to Orbit Aviation – a company run by his family but denied having any role in the affairs of that company. Inquiries revelaed that Deputy Chief Minister of Punjab Sukhbir Badal is a co-owner of Orbit company.

Japanese business leaders ready to invest USD 3 billion in India

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Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, Yoichi Miyazawa called on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on April 29, 2015.
Minister for Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan, Yoichi Miyazawa called on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in New Delhi on April 29, 2015.

New Delhi: The Japanese Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Yoichi Miyazawa conveyed to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he called on him yesterday, that he had come with a delegation of top business leaders, who have firm plans to invest USD 3.0 billion in India in the immediate future.

The investment plans, The Japanese Minister said, was in pursuance of the shared commitment of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Prime Minister Narendra Modi to enhance Japanese investments in India, especially in support of Prime Minister’s “Make in India” mission.

Miyazawa also proposed a new Joint Working Group between Ministry of External Affairs of India and METI of Japan on civil nuclear energy cooperation.

Miyazawa expressed happiness with the working of the fast track mechanism for India-Japan Collaboration – Japan Plus and underlined his government’s support for further strengthening it.

Miyazawa reiterated his Government’s strong commitment for providing and facilitating long term funding to support the development of India’s manufacturing and infrastructure, consistent with Abe’s commitment to Modi in Tokyo last September to facilitate financing and investments of up to 3.5 trillion Yen in the next five years. He reaffirmed Japan’s interest in supporting the development of High Speed Railways in India, citing Shinkansen’s excellent record in performance and safety over five decades.

Miyazawa also discussed with the Prime Minister India-Japan collaboration in the energy sector and expressed admiration and aspiration for India’s rescue and relief mission in Nepal and added that it had earned India the respect of the world.

The Indian Prime Minister thanked Miyazawa for bringing a strong business delegation to India and reiterated that relations with Japan was a top priority for his government. Japan was a partner of preference for India’s economic development, he said adding the Indian government would continue to take steps to further facilitate and accelerate Japanese investments in India.

Modi also suggested that India and Japan should work out a special long term arrangement for financing infrastructure and industry in India, consistent with the strategic partnership and India’s enormous economic opportunities.

Japan’s Abe to US Congress: Let us bring the TPP to a successful conclusion through our joint leadership

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Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe (representative photo)
Japanese prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivering a speech at Harvard Kennedy School

Washington DC: Shinzo Abe, the first Japanese Prime Minister ever to address the joint meeting of the US Congress on Wednesday said as for U.S. – Japan negotiations, the goal is near. Let us bring the TPP to a successful conclusion through our joint leadership.

Zooming in on the entire concept of Trans-Pacific Partnership, Abe said; “prosperity was fostered first by the U.S., and second by Japan. And prosperity is nothing less than the seedbed for peace.

Involving countries in Asia-Pacific whose backgrounds vary, the U.S. and Japan must take the lead. We must take the lead to build a market that is fair, dynamic, sustainable, and is also free from the arbitrary intentions of any nation.

In the Pacific market, we cannot overlook sweat shops or burdens on the environment. Nor can we simply allow free riders on intellectual property.

No. Instead, we can spread our shared values around the world and have them take root: the rule of law, democracy, and freedom.

That is exactly what the TPP is all about.

Furthermore, the TPP goes far beyond just economic benefits. It is also about our security. Long-term, its strategic value is awesome. We should never forget that.

The TPP covers an area that accounts for 40 per cent of the world economy, and one third of global trade. We must turn the area into a region for lasting peace and prosperity.

That is for the sake of our children and our children’s children.

As for U.S. – Japan negotiations, the goal is near. Let us bring the TPP to a successful conclusion through our joint leadership.”

Reflecting on the post-World War II phase, Abe said About the post-war phase, Abe said: “70 years ago, Japan had been reduced to ashes.

Then came each and every month from the citizens of the United States gifts to Japan like milk for our children and warm sweaters, and even goats. Yes, from America, 2,036 goats came to Japan.

And it was Japan that received the biggest benefit from the very beginning by the post-war economic system that the U.S. had fostered by opening up its own market and calling for a liberal world economy.

Later on, from the 1980’s, we saw the rise of the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, the ASEAN countries, and before long, China as well.

This time, Japan too devotedly poured in capital and technologies to support their growths.

Meanwhile in the U.S., Japan created more employment than any other foreign nation but one, coming second only to the U.K.”

Abe, who studied in California and also took a job at a steelmaker said the American culture has ‘intoxicated’ him. “in the U.S. rank and hierarchy are neither here nor there. People advance based on merit. When you discuss things you don’t pay much attention to who is junior or senior. You just choose the best idea, no matter who the idea was from”, the Japanese Prime Minister observed.

Eulogising the American example, Abe said: “The son of a farmer-carpenter can become the President… The fact that such a country existed woke up the Japanese of the late 19th century to democracy.”

Focusing on the World War II Memorial that he visited, Abe said” “It was a place of peace and calm that struck me as a sanctuary. The air was filled with the sound of water breaking in the fountains. In one corner stands the Freedom Wall. More than 4,000 gold stars shine on the wall. I gasped with surprise to hear that each star represents the lives of 100 fallen soldiers.”

Expressing deep repentance, Abe said: “The battles engraved at the Memorial crossed my mind, and I reflected upon the lost dreams and lost futures of those young Americans.

History is harsh. What is done cannot be undone.

With deep repentance in my heart, I stood there in silent prayers for some time.

My dear friends, on behalf of Japan and the Japanese people, I offer with profound respect my eternal condolences to the souls of all American people that were lost during World War II.”

Drawing attention to Lt. Gen. Lawrence Snowden in the gallery, Abe said, Seventy years ago in February, he had landed on Iōtō, or the island of Iwo Jima, as a captain in command of a company. In recent years, General Snowden has often participated in the memorial services held jointly by Japan and the U.S. on Iōtō. Next to General. Snowden sits Diet Member Yoshitaka Shindo, who is a former member of my Cabinet. His grandfather, General Tadamichi Kuribayashi, whose valor we remember even today, was the commander of the Japanese garrison during the Battle of Iwo Jima.

The Japanese Prime Minister went on to observe: “What should we call this, if not a miracle of history? Enemies that had fought each other so fiercely have become friends bonded in spirit.”

Source: Citation from Official Website of the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet (


Marshall Islands flagged cargo ship Maersk Tigris detained by Iranian patrol boats

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maersk tigris2Danish cargo ship Maersk Tigris, chartered by Maersk shipping company, which was seized yesterday in the Strait of Hormuz with 24 crew on board, remains in the custody of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy.

When the captain of the ship registered in Marshall Islands and en route to Jebel Ali, refused to follow an order to move into Iranian waters, patrol boats fired at Maersk Tigris and the Guard Corps personnel boarded the cargo vessel at about 9 a.m. GMT. yesterday and diverted it toward Larak Island.

Maersk TigrisBriefing the press a few hours ago, Marie Harf, Acting Spokesperson, US department of State said that the ship is anchored off the northeast coast of Larak Island, Iran. The US is continuing to monitor the situation and no reports of injuries to crew members have been received.

Ms. harf told journalists that the US is holding discussions with officials from the Republic of the Marshall Islands as well as with the shipping company to determine steps to be taken for the “peaceful resolution of this incident and the safe passage of the ship and crew.”

The Republic of Marshall Islands has requested assistance for the release of the Maersk ship, Ms. Harf stated adding the U.S. of course remains committed to freedom of navigation through international waterways, and to ensure that the vital shipping lanes in the region remain open and safe. Under the U.S.-Republic of Marshall Islands Compact of Free Association, the U.S. has full authority and responsibility for security and defense matters in or relating to the Marshall Islands, including matters relating to vessels flying their flag, Ms. Harf pointed out.

According to Iranian authorities, Maersk shipping company has been ordered by an Iranian court to pay damages to a private firm.

Maersk Line is the world’s largest container shipping company. The company operates in over 120 countries around the world and has a fleet of over 600 ships which sail every major trade lane on the globe.