Caretaker of VIP farmhouse admits killing the tiger cub near Bandhavgarh

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Tiger cub (Representative photo)Bhopal: The culprit responsible for killing the tiger cub, whose body was found hanging with a GI wire inside the farmhouse of Rajendra Singh, Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of the central Indian State of Madhya Pradesh near Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve was none other than the caretaker of the VIP farmhouse.

The caretaker, who has been apprehended along with two others he identified, has admitted the crime. A raid at his house led to the seizure of GI wires used for trapping wild animals.  Further interrogation will prove whether or not these persons were in league with some gang of poachers or were trapping and killing wild animals like wild boars and spotted dear only for food. Killing wild animals for personal consumption is a common practice in large parts of Madhya Pradesh. The villagers’ modus operandi for a kill is the same as that of the poachers and the traditional hunters belonging to the Pardhi community.

Government sources here informed that a proposal has been moved at the official level to acquire the farmhouse in question and attach it with the Tiger Reserve

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