Poachers kill Tiger cub in Bandhavgarh, body found in Assembly Deputy Speaker’s farmhouse

Newsroom24x7 Desk

Tiger cub (Representative photo)Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh): There has been a shocking case of poaching of a tiger cub in the farmhouse of Madhya Pradesh Assembly Deputy Speaker Rajendra Singh adjoining Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.’

The body of the tiger cub was found hanging in a noose at the farm house of the Deputy Speaker . The farm-house in question is on the periphery of the core area of Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (Manpur beat). Postmortem has revealed that the cub died either on Friday night or saturday morning. A GI wire around the neck has confirmed that the cub was killed by poachers.

The Assembly Deputy Speaker has told a section of the media that it is normal and often tigers from the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve enter his private enclosure and the foresters use elephants to drive them back. A watchman is posted to look after the farmhouse and he only goes there once or twice in a year, Singh has clarified.


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