Germanwings disaster: Deliberate act of mass murder

Jamsheed Rizwani

germanwingsParis: In the aftermath of the blood-chilling account of the last minutes of the Germanwings A-320, many questions are raised for which only some will find answers…… Yet one basic element is missing-no one has qualified his action beyond the limits of an ordinary suicide. Going by the the elements of evidence which are being collected – this act looks like deliberate mass murder.

GermanwingsI do not recollect a single media report attributing murder to this white European non-Muslim non-Arab murderer. Had it been a Muslim, we would have had miles and miles of spiel in all the media of the evil and bad influence of the holy book of Islam on Young minds. There will always be an element of doubt as to the motivations of Lubitz and whether he voluntarily put the flight on the trajectory to hell. Even if this was true, the only reproach I have is that the system of evaluation of pilots is insufficient as it has failed to detect the folly of the pilot.

World media, public opinion have come together in not calling a spade a spade and a mass murder a murder by a mass murderer. This is a terrible thing to say…intelligence, common sense are abandoned, when the terrorist and murderer does not fit the bill, which the media and public opinion have already imaged.

I have no hatred but only regrets and grief for the loved ones of those who lost their lives…. We need to be careful that the persons entrusted with the lives of others in their trains, planes or whatever are specially controlled to see if they are apt to do what they have to do. If there have been lapses, they should be rectified.

To the world media, to the world public opinion….. I say…. not every murderer or terrorist is black, brown or yellow, not every murderer or terrorist is Arab, not every murderer or terrorist is a Muslim…..a murderer or terrorist can also be someone from your own family, your own brother or sister……whatever race, nationality, religion you belong to….

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