Nations must stand united to face extremism, terrorism and other issues: Shinzo Abe

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Shinzo Abe
Shinzo Abe

Tokyo: Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has emphasised that the issues we continue to face – whether the issue be extremism, terrorism, the threat of nuclear proliferation, climate change, or terrible infectious diseases – are ones that extend beyond the framework of individual nations. The situation teaches us one thing and that is we must not be divided. The nations must stand even more united.

Abe was delivering a speech at United Nations University. He asserted that for the Security Council elections this year, Japan is aiming to secure a seat for the 11th time. He in particular reiterated Japan’s resolve to lead discussions both within the U.N. and beyond, regarding any and all issues, in any and every aspect and expressed the wish that the U.N. community should incorporate into the new development agenda the concept of achieving “human security” that Japan has been promoting.

For reforming the Security Council, the Japanese Prime Minister said, it is no longer time to discuss. Now it is time for us to produce concrete results.He further said that Japan stands ready to take on the role of a permanent member of the Security Council. “This is how Japan has been until now, and how it will continue to be into the future.”

Drawing attention to what they call in Japan the “smart platinum society” Abe said that the world should make room in the lexicon for the new “Japanglish” phrase. A “smart platinum society”, according to him is one that enables the platinum generation, i.e., the elderly, to live vibrant lives through the use of ICT, robots, and other such technologies.

This year and the next constitute an extremely important time for the United Nations, and indeed, for Japan as well.
As for the U.N., this year marks the 70th anniversary of its founding. For Japan, next year we’ll be commemorating 60 years since our accession to the U.N. We have decided that we will make these two years as “years for taking concrete actions.

CLICK HERE for full text of Japanese Prime Minister’s speech

Source: Official Website of the Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet.

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