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January 23, 2018

UK to fine tune system for the recall of unsafe products

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unsafe products recallsLondon: British Broadcaster and leading consumer campaigner Lynn Faulds Wood will lead a review of the UK’s system for the recall of unsafe products, Consumer Affairs Minister Jo Swinson announced today.

The independent review will focus on how enforcement could be made more effective and explore consumer understanding of the process.

The UK has robust legislation covering product safety, however recalls are often complex and it can be difficult to trace the customer – for example they may not have provided contact details when the product was purchased or moved house.

Recent YouGov research in UK showed that just over a third of the customers currently register their appliances.

There are more than 100 million appliances being used in our homes today, so it is vital that when manufacturers discover safety issues they can recall products as quickly as possible.

It is essential that we look at how we can improve the current system so that we can protect consumers and reduce the cases of serious injury, property damage, and in the worst cases, fatalities.
Jo Swinson, Consumer Affairs Minister

I’m delighted to have been offered the challenge of chairing this important independent review into product recalls. As a television journalist I’ve criticised the recall system many times over the years.
Lynn Faulds Wood

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