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March 24, 2018

Tropical cyclone Pam moves across the South Pacific, could develop into a “supercyclone”

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Tropical Cyclone PamSuva (Fiji): Tropical Cyclone Pam is now headed towards Vanuatu

All ships have been grounded throughout Vanautu and community leaders have been warning the residents to move to safer places and evacuation centres.

According to David Gibson, the acting Director of meteorological department in Vanuatu said that by Friday afternoon the Southern part of Vanuatu and Port Vila on the Island of Efate are expected to face severe and damaging winds by Friday afternoon. Tropical Cyclone Pam has the potential to become the strongest storm ever experienced in the country, he told the media.

David Gibson says Port Vila on the Island of Efate and the Southern part of Vanuatu are expected to face severe and damaging winds on Friday afternoon.

This is the first time that Vanuatu would experience a category five cyclone. In 1987 Tropical Cyclone Uma was category three and then four as it moved.”

Pam has cleared the Solomons and now has Vanuatu in its sights. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center expects Pam to pass to the east of Vanuatu on Thursday.

Fiji Meteorological Service

has issued warning that severe Tropical Cyclone Pam – CATEGORY 4 was located near 11.4 South and 169.7 East AT 111200 UTC

It is expected to sustain winds of 90 knots close to the centre increasing to 110 knots by 121200 UTC.

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