Brazil’s airport infrastructure boom

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brazilRio de Janeiro: Brazil recently privatized five of the largest airports and the federal government launched an ambitious program to modernize 270 of the country’s airports. With a dedicated budget of approximately $1.5 billion, the government’s goal is to locate 96% of all Brazilian citizens within a 100 kilometer range from an airport.

The prevailing scenario in Brazil presents tremendous opportunities for companies specialising in equipment and services from airport design and construction to security equipment to air traffic management and environmental consulting.

While US companies are pitching in to encash the airport infrastructure boom in Brazil, companies from otehr countries also have ample opportunity to compete as global players and bid on a large-scale for airport design, green construction, energy efficiency equipment, airport security equipment, ground support and terminal related equipment, and airport management.

The U.S. Department of Commerce will host a roadshow – “Airport Suppliers Roadshow to Brazil Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo” from May 18-19 this year to introduce U.S. airport equipment suppliers.

During the Roadshow participants will be briefed by Brazilian aviation experts, including Brazil’s Civil Aviation Administration (SAC) and Private Development Bank (BNDES), on Brazil’s airport developments. Participants will also have the opportunity to meet key regional civil aviation authorities and private sector concession winners and demonstrate how U.S. equipment and services have been adapted by airports around the world.
The coming Roadshow will offer a unique chance to meet key decision-makers and learn about opportunities as well as equipment and services needed to help Brazil develop cleaner, safer, and more efficient airports.

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