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February 25, 2018

Relocated tigress – T6 delivers 3 cubs in Panna Tiger Reserve

Newsroom24x7 Desk

Tigress T6 with cub

Tigress T6 with cub

Panna: The Panna Tiger Reserve staff has spotted 3 cubs born to the tigress – T6 that had been brought from the Pench Tiger Reserve as part of the Panna Tiger Reintroduction Project, which was launched after the entire tiger popular hadvanished and not a single tiger was spotted in this Tiger Reserve in 2009.
The T6 cubs were spotted in the Hinauta range of Panna Tiger Reserve on March 5. T6 was brought to the Panna habitat in January 2014. T6 delivered her first litter in August 2014 but these cubs could not survive. This year in January she had her sedcond litter.

Panna Tiger Reserve Field Director  Sreenivasa Murthy told Newsroom24x7 that with the arrival of three more cubs, the number of tigers in Panna has gone up to 26. It is also significant and speaks volumes of the success of the Panna Tiger Reintroduction Project as all the relocated tigresses have delivered cubs.

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