US feels encouraged but maintains calculated silence on India-Pak talks

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Marie Harf
Marie Harf

Washington DC: The US prefers to maintain a diplomatic silence or has nothing much to say when it comes to progress of talks between India-Pakistan or follow up action by the US visi-a-vis the Indian demand for a permanent seat in the United Nations Security Council.

This is explicit from the reply to questions on India and Pakistan by the US Department of State Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf at the daily press briefing here Friday.

At the press briefing, when a journalist drew attention to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit last September and his speech at the UN, especially his assertion that India should be a permanent member of the UN Security Council–a demand endorsed by the US President Obama, both in India and in Washington–and asked the US spokesperson what role the US State Department has played so far – as far as the (permanent) seat in the UN is concerned?

The official US reply was: “It’s a good question. Let me check with our team. I don’t have any details on that.”

On being reminded of the tensions in the Kashmir region in recent months and asked how the US viewed the meeting of Indian and Pakistani diplomats in Islamabad earlier this week

Reply: The US has been encouraged that they decided to resume dialogue and obviously believes that both India and Pakistan stand to benefit from practical cooperation and an improved relationship.It would be good for regional peace and stability in South Asia.

Asked about former Indian ambassador to the U.S., now foreign secretary, Jaishankar Washington visit before going to Islamabad and whether or not he had met anybody at the US State department in connection with talks between India and Pakistan?

Reply: I can check on that.

On another query regarding talks between India and Pakistan “going on for many years” and India’s stand that until Pakistan brings those wanted terrorists sitting in Pakistan, India will not have positive talks with Pakistan,the crypt official US reply was I just don’t have more analysis on this.

Asked to react to the new U.S. ambassador in Delhi, who also said that India and Pakistan should talk besides other things.

Reply: I agree with Ambassador (Richard Rahul) Verma on most things, if not everything.

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