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February 25, 2018

Broom war rocks Aam Aadmi Party

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AAP-SYMBOLNew Delhi: Chaos brewing within the Arvind Kejriwal centric Aam Aadmi Party today spilled into the open as two founder members of the Party Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan were removed from the highest decision making body of the party – the Political Affairs Committee (PAC).

The removal of both the senior party members – Yadav and Bhushan – from the PAC was announced by another front-ranking leader of AAP, Kumar Vishwas, who told media-persons that the party’s National Executive had passed a resolution and voted out the two leaders from the apex decision making body of AAP

Participating as a panelist in a television news channel tonight , Kaml Mitra Chenoy of AAP said that he had highlighted the problem being encountered by AAP on his facebook page two days ago. There were insiders who had started “leaking and speaking” to the press to embarrass the party, he said on TV.

Today’s development that has rocked AAP comes after word had spread about serious differences  between Delhi chief minister and AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal and the two leaders who have ended up losing their position in the PAC

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