In Britain: Independent oversight of investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile at schools and children’s homes

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Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile

London: Lucy Scott-Moncrieff was appointed to provide independent oversight of investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile at schools and children’s homes and she has now produced a report covering a total of 14 investigations.

The report ‘Independent oversight of investigations into matters relating to Jimmy Savile at schools and children’s homes’ is a pointer that none of the investigations have been able to reach firm conclusions about whether the alleged abuse took place or not. Although many of them say the informant was credible, the lack of corroborating evidence has prevented them from reaching a definitive conclusion.

“On 3 October 2012 ITV broadcast an Exposure programme ‘The other side of Jimmy Savile’ featuring women who reported that they had been abused by Jimmy Savile. Following this programme other people came forward to report that they had also been abused by Jimmy Savile and others. In response to this the Metropolitan Police Services set up Operation Yewtree. Towards the end of 2013 the Department of Health shared with the Department for Education information gathered by the Metropolitan Police Services concerning 22 allegations linked to children’s homes and schools which were duly passed onto Local Authorities for investigation.” – A report by Bournemouth Borough Council

British Parliament, on 27 March 2014, was informed by Michael Gove, MP, about the transfer of information received by the Department for Education relating to Jimmy Savile and several children’s homes and schools in England, dating back to the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

This information was passed to the appropriate organisations for further investigation.

Lucy Scott-Moncrieff concluded in her report that:

All the investigations reviewed into matters relating to Jimmy Savile have been conducted in an appropriate and robust fashion and that the resulting reports should be published

All the investigations found that policy and practice has developed significantly in the schools and children’s homes since the time of alleged incidents. This is not as a
result of Savile’s activities but because of the greater awareness of safeguarding risks that have developed over the last few decades

The risk of a paedophile having unrestricted access to children, as Savile apparently had, is now substantially reduced

Child abuse is an abhorrent crime whenever it occurs and whoever the perpetrator.

All victims have a right to expect that allegations of abuse, no matter how much time has passed, will be investigated professionally and appropriately.

I would like to put on record my sincere thanks to all the victims, survivors and witnesses for their invaluable assistance that has required them to relive distressing events in their life.
These investigations would not have been possible without their cooperation.

CLICK HERE for Independent report Investigations relating to Jimmy Savil

CLICK HERE for Manchester City Council (MCC) Report



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