Delhi Police nabs two involved in cross-border fake Indian currency racket

Newsroom24x7 Desk

black moneyNew Delhi: In its continuing pursuit to contain the menace of High Quality Fake Indian Currency Notes (FICN) being pumped into Indian markets to corrode the Indian economy by agencies of a “hostile neighbor”, a team of Special Cell of Delhi Police led by Inspectors Sanjay Dutt and Rahul Kumar Singh has arrested two inter-state FICN peddlers and has recovered a total of Rs. 20 lakh worth FICN.

The arrested FICN operatives belong to a well entrenched network of FICN syndicate which is involved in receiving huge quantities of FICN from across the Indo-Bangladesh border and in its onward distribution among various clients spread across the States of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. The arrested operatives are (1) Raj Kumar and (2) Omprakash(real names being withheld).

This team of Special Cell has been monitoring various FICN couriers and smugglers operating across the Indo-Bangladesh borders,especially from the notorious Village of Kaliachak in Malda District of West Bengal. These operatives receive directions about the prospective Indian clients of this high quality ISI mandated print of FICN from their handlers based out of Bangladesh. The major Indian market operators of the territories in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh keep on requisitioning FICN as per the demands being generated by various local big as well as small business houses. One such major operative was being monitored by the team. This operative uses several conduits to travel to Malda in West Bengal to receive consignments of FICN which are pushed into India by a well entrenched network of FICN operators based on both sides of the porous Indo-Bangladesh borders. The conduits receive the consignments from peddlers in Malda who take extreme precautions in concealing their identities and hideouts and are almost never found to be in direct communication with the conduits.

In the instant case, the sources deployed to develop intelligence informed that a consignment meant for a person had recently been received by his conduits in Village Kaliachak, in Malda and the conduits were expected to arrive at Old Delhi Railway Station in a general compartment of the Farakka Express. A trap was laid and on arrival, the conduits were identified by the source. The accused were apprehended and a search of their shoulder bags was done. The cursory search of these bags revealed that using meticulous craftsmanship, cavities had been stitched in the bases ofthese bags where a total FICN worth Rupees 20,00,000/- was concealed. The accused have been arrested and a criminal case under relevant sections of law has been registered at Police Station Special Cell.

The arrested accused have revealed that the consignment of FICN was delivered to them by one ‘Chacha’ who was receiving directions from his handler, who is unknown to the accused. After receiving the consignment, they had contacted the person who asked them to take a train to Delhi for receiving further instructions. Accused Raj Kumar has revealed that he had earlier also been involved in an FICN cases. Both the arrested accused, along with several other similar modules, have been working for a long time and have successfully transported a huge amount of FICN for use in the markets of Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. The detailed criminal involvements of both the arrested accused is being verified.

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