Jeetan Ram Manjhi concedes trust vote, resigns as CM-Video on horse trading in Bihar goes viral on social media

Newsroom24x& Desk

Patna: Bihar Chief Minister Jeetan Ram Manjhi resigned without going through the trust vote. His resignation has also been accepted. The Bihar Assembly has been adjourned sine die.

Manjhi addresses the press:

  • Today morning the seating arrangement was changed in the Assembly order sheet, The names of my MLAs was not there.
  • The chief minister has the authority to appoint the chief whip but this was not allowed.
  • The sitting arrangement was most confusing and no one knew who will sit where. They also did not recognise the main opposition party.
  • Under the circumstances, many of my MLAs lost their membership.
  • The Vidhan Sabha Speaker did not run the House under the provisions of law
  • My MLAs also received threatening messages on their mobile phones. They were even threatened that they would be murdered.
  • Gallery division and secret ballot – both were given as options by the Governor. But secret ballot was not allowed.
  • The MLAs on my side were afraid of losing their membership.
  • I still have majority support–more than 140 MLAs are with me. They are still ready to vote for me if secret ballot is held.
  • I resigned at 10.30 a.m. as I could not uphold healthy Parliamentary democracy.

After  Manjhi’s open invitation to JD(U) MLAs yesterday to flock around him and vote for him during the test of strength in Bihar Assembly, this video – vividly and audio-visually exposing horse-trading and its modus operandi – has gone viral on social media.




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