Delhi Assembly election: Exit polls are trumpeting encore vote for Aam Aadmy Party

Lalit Shastri

aap-bjpThe battle of ballot is over in Delhi and the fate of the two main political parties–the BJP and the Aam Aadmi Party that went through endless jabbing during the course of campaigning to capture power in Delhi has now been sealed.

If one looks at the exit polls, AAP and its leader Arvind Kejriwal’s return to power should be treated as a mere formality. It seems the people of Delhi have already placed the victory stand for AAP to climb.

The Congress party has gone in for a nosedive and this has got amply reflected in successive elections. The party will take long to find its mooring and this has got further exposed by the exit polls today

After AAP’s 49-day government of a year ago, if the exit polls are right and AAP gets absolute majority it would be an encore vote

There are so many who have shared and laughed as social networking platforms went viral with this one joke over the last few days…the joke goes like this: When Narendra Modi asked the people while campaigning in Delhi: Who you are you going to vote for? They said: “AAP”.

A defeat in this election will be a huge blow for Modi, A whole generation of BJP leaders led by Arun Jaitley were busy singing paeans in praise for Bedi and if the BJP finally loses, it will just not be a knockbout blow for Bedi but also throw the BJP leadership on the mat and they will be answerable to the disgruntled party cadres who found it hard to accept the airdropping of an outsider as chief ministerial candidate at the last moment.


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