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January 24, 2018

“I stand by Jim Clancy”


By Jamsheed Rizwani


I stand by Jim Clancy an excellent journalist who was eased out by CNN after 34 years on the Channel…….for a tweet considered offensive by the the Israeli establishment…… Jim Clancy after having taken the defence of CHARLIE HEBDO saying that the journal did not criticise the Prophet but the cowards who are deforming his teachings on being asked by Israeli tweeters to explain – tweeted back “Hasbara?”  which means explanation in Hebrew – a term used by the Israeli propaganda machine for communications published to support and defend Israeli positions in the international  media. This is reported by L’Obs avec Rue 89. When we talk of liberty of opinion and liberty of the press, we should also include the freedom of journalists to express their own opinion without being censored by the owners of their media………Independent journalists are a rare enough commodity and Independent and good journalists are even more hard to come by….Jim Clancy, I stand by you….



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