Charlie massacre and the hostage crisis in Paris: All terrorists killed

Jamsheed Rizwani

Updated: Jan. 9, 2015 @ 22.05

All terrorists-3 of them killed

  • Around 17.20 Paris time security forces concluded their operation. Two terrorists were killed at Dammartin and a third at another spot
  • Sky News reported: six quick explosions from the kosher supermarket in East Paris as security forces began assault on both sets of suspects ensconced at the print works and the supermarket.
Eiffel Tower, Paris Jan. 8, 2015

Paris, Jan. 9: Paris is in the throes of a security scare…only this is not fiction..this is happening right now. Two different corners of Greater Paris with terrorists holding hostages. Whilst all parties, trade unions, religious and cultural organizations have called for silent marches nation wide in every town and city for Sunday 11th January 2015.

In Paris, scheduled at 3PM between Republique and Nation in honour of the victims of the CHARLIE HEBDO attack and in defence of the freedom of expression, at Porte de Vincennes and at Dammartin, the hostages are living out very painful moments.We hope they are rescued and that there is no further bloodshed.

The outcome is however very uncertain.The police will do everything possible to save the lives of the hostages…As for the terrorists, they do not fear death and are determined to fight to the very end. The only positive note is that contact has been made by police negociators.This has become a hot topic for endless discussions in offices…as transport services have been restricted, office-goers are wondering how to get home.

As evening falls,the police is waiting for the opportune moment to attack. The population in the critical spots has been advised to stay indoors till the end of the crisis. The ring road circling Paris has been blocked creating confusion and traffic jams all over the city. 

Postscript (Newsroom24x7 desk)

Even as police was zeroing in on two Charlie Hebdo massacre suspects in the North, Paris was going through a hostage crisis this evening as terrorists were holding people hostage at a supermarket in the French capital. Police have said, according to available reports that two people were killed after a gunman entered the supermarket near Porte de Vincennes. He is said to be the one who killed a police woman earlier after the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

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