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Month: October 2014

Political Mirage

            The book “Political Mirage-Fifty years after India became Republic” by Lalit Shastri is on the importance of transparency and good governance. It is a […]

Transparency in Public Purchase

Lalit Shastri  Mostly the system remains shrouded and the government working remains under wraps as long as there is no disgruntled element, someone who has been rubbed the wrong way […]

Joy of Birding

Lalit Shastri It was a bright sunny afternoon; the year was 1998; some time in April, when I heard a pleasant trilling sound of a bird just outside my window […]

Bhimbetka: A treasure of prehistoric art

Lalit Shastri There is hardly any signboard on the road to announce that one is heading towards an important World Heritage Site and the prehistoric Bhimbetka rock shelters suddenly emerge […]

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