India the biggest arms purchaser

Lalit Shastri The projection two-years ago by a Swedish Research Group that India had replaced China as the biggest arms purchaser in the World had not come as any surprise as the Ministry of Defence was continuously going around scouting for arms all over the world to fill the huge gap in defence preparedness. It was…


Political Mirage

The book “Political Mirage-Fifty years after India became Republic” by Lalit Shastri is on the importance of transparency and good governance. It is a collection of articles published in The Hindu exposing corruption and lack of concern for environment and causes responsible for poor law and order situation. The book was launched by the then…


Transparency in Public Purchase

Lalit Shastri  Mostly the system remains shrouded and the government working remains under wraps as long as there is no disgruntled element, someone who has been rubbed the wrong way by his superiors or co-workers, who ends up spilling the beans. Even when that happens, the entire government machinery becomes a cohesive unit and officers…

Grey-headed flycatcher

Joy of Birding

Lalit Shastri It was a bright sunny afternoon; the year was 1998; some time in April, when I heard a pleasant trilling sound of a bird just outside my window as I worked on my news story of the day. At that time I was working for The Hindu as Principal Correspondent for Madhya Pradesh…

Bhimbetaka rock art

Bhimbetka: A treasure of prehistoric art

Lalit Shastri There is hardly any signboard on the road to announce that one is heading towards an important World Heritage Site and the prehistoric Bhimbetka rock shelters suddenly emerge on the southern horizon as one drives down about 40 kms leaving behind the industrial town of Mandideep on the Bhopal-Hoshangabad highway. Leaving the highway…

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